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Sunday, October 21, 2007

It really doesn't take that much effort to post.

And yet, thus far, I suck at it. I'll keep attempting to 'get back into it' (have I ever been into it?) a bit longer, and then I may have to give up on this whole blog thing. Still, I keep coming back, because I do love the idea of having a knitting journal. That is, provided I post.

So here goes.

First of all, this is largely brought on by my existence on Ravelry. (Username is Kestrel.) I love this site, and just as soon as I get a few pennies to spare, I'll toss them in their direction (um, grad students are joke). It strips me of that guilt I feel every time I think about saving ball bands or jotting down notes on yarn / needles / pattern source used on every stinkin' project. That, and the easy browsing of everyone's projects! I totally love it, and while I'm not glued to my Ravelry account (I almost said "not glued to my computer", but that's up for dispute), I know that it could pretty easily sap hours out of each day. Always a great thing, right?

So, what am I knitting?

Progress shot.

It's the "Gathering Intentions" sweater from Fiona Ellis' "Inspired Cable Knits". I'm using Jaeger's Shetland Aran yarn, and everything about this project makes me happy. Oh, except that I realized that my gauge shrunk significantly between swatch and sweater, so I'm going to seam two six stitch purl panels on each side of this back panel to make the next size up. Oops. Still, this is a *much* better solution than ripping back at this point; it's rare that you can just switch up to the next size (from 36" to 40") so easily.

I'm also working on these lovlies:
Adult sock with youngling.
Except that now #2 is about half way up the leg. I'd show you, except I can't find it. Really. While finished sock is sitting obediantly in my (living room) knitting pile, sock+needles the second is out exploring the world. What world this is, well, I'll let you know when I find out. Anyway, I'm using Wendy's generic toe up sock pattern, and it's just easy as pie. I've decided that my heel is much better suited to a short row heel than the heel flap style, though I do love the look of the heel flap. So, I'll likely continue to use both. In different pairs, of course. I'd tell you where this yarn came from, but I haven't a clue. I really don't remember - but I can tell you that I love it. How's that?

Finally, I'm also working on this gem:
Lace Leaf Shawl
The Fiber Trends Leaf Lace Shawl. I *do* know where I bought both the pattern and yarn - in Victoria! Canada! (It was my first time.) Wonderful store, the Beehive Wool Shop in Victoria, Canada. The supply was, well, I could have spent a day in there. Of course, an hour did enough damage to my checking account, so we'll leave it there for now. This yarn is Misti Laceweight Baby Alpaca, a purchase craftily enabled by Mama E herself. That woman loves her yarn. But it worked out, because so do I! I have no idea how long this project will take, the cabled sweater (and sock, if I knew where it was) is dominating my knitting time, but I still love that it's there, waiting patiently for my attention. I'll be there soon!

That's enough for now. I'll be back when there's something fun to report, but based on these projects (and the elusive sock), it may be a bit. RSS feeds, hurrah! :]


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